Outpatient Rehabilitation

90-minute and 280-minute, Short-time Specialized Type Exercise Service Using Long-term Care Insurance

"One day is so long!  I want to get rehabilitation in a short time!"

"The period for my medical insurance has ended, but I want to continue exercises."

"I want to rehabilitate where I have access to professionals."

​◇Rehabilitation Characteristics

We will prepare personalized plans according to your physical and mental state.

Our experienced professionals, such as physiotherapists, etc. strive to get you back on track to a heathier daily life.

​◇​Rehabilitation Contents

Do Machine Training on Safe Machinery

Our Physiotherapists provide Individual Evaluation and Guidance.

Guidance for Self-Training You Can Do at Home

​◇​Rehabilitation Flow

Pick up

Arrival + health check

Various Exercises




​◇​Service Time

*Service not available on Sundays, holidays, summer break, year-end / new year holidays.

​◇​Business Office Information

Business Number: 2310105156
Name: Kyomei Rehabilitation Blue Leaf
〒464-0004 Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City,

Chikusa-ku Kyomei 2-309
TEL: 052-777-7778 FAX:052-777-1010
Mobile::070-5256-6795 Person in charge: Sato


◇​Pick up Area

Visit Rehabilitation

Kyomei Clinic conducts Visit Rehabilitation by physiotherapists and others.

◇What is Visit Rehabilitation?

Our physical therapists will visit the user's home and conduct training according to their living environment.  Our aim is to improve their quality of life without being caught up by functional training, and to participate in society.

◇​Those who may Apply

◎ Those who have received the necessary support / nursing care certification.

◇​Steps to Use

◇ We can accept referrals to our place of business from your care manager.
◇ We will check your current condition by visiting your home.
◇ We will consult with you, and if you are able to use this program, we will consider the day we can visit.
*If your doctor is from another hospital, you will need to submit your clinical information provider and Visiting Rehabilitation instruction sheet.
*Doctor's examination is necessary every 3 months.

We're waiting for your call.

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