To those receiving wire treatment

for rolling nails

Self-Pay Examination

※ Charges fluctuate, such as when you treat multiple fingers.
※ Other insurance medical treatment on the same day (normal medical treatment using medical insurance etc.) cannot be accepted.
※ It costs about 10,000 yen for the first time. (Please see below for details)

Initial Examination: 5,000 yen
Follow-up Examination: 2,000 yen
Re-initial Examination: 3,000 yen (in case one year has passed since the previous treatment)
Treatment Fee: 1,000 yen
Wire Fee: 4,320 yen (covers 4 or 5 fingers on average)

In case of 1 finger at first time
● First visit 5,000 yen + treatment fee 1,000 yen + wire fee 4,320 yen Total 10,320 yen

● In the second and subsequent times there is a wire, in the case of one finger
Re-examination fee 2,000 yen + treatment fee 1,000 yen Total 3,000 yen

◇To Those Who Wish Treatment

Treatment of rolling nails is done by reservation, but please understand that we may have to wait depending on the situation of the day.
In addition, as a rule, please make your reservation by the day before.

◇About Treatment of Rolling Nails

Our hospital mainly focuses on wire treatment.
By opening a hole in the nail and passing the shape-memory alloy, we can correct the rolled nail.

If there is already strong inflammation, or pain just by touching it, we may sometimes inject anesthesia.

The wire needs to be replaced once every 1 to 2 months, but depending on the condition of the nail you may need to visit the clinic in about two weeks.

Also, if you cut your nails short, it may be difficult to pierce with the wire or it may be painful, so please come with the nails lengthened to some extent.


We will use medical bond at the time of wire treatment, so please change to slippers after treatment, and wait for 5 minutes in the waiting room until bond becomes dry.

Slippers will be delivered at the time of your initial visit.

The next time, please bring the slippers and remaining wire.


Even after attaching the wire, everyday life activities such as bathing and swimming is possible as usual.

If you get caught in a futon or socks, you may cut only the wire with a nipper or the like.

In that case, be careful as cutting the nail will cause the wire to come off.
If you have trouble such as getting wires coming off, or have strong pain, please contact us by phone.
Also, please feel free to consult us if you wish for treatment other than wire treatment.

We're waiting for your call.

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