What is orthopedic surgery?
Kyomei Clinic has a specialist from the Japanese Orthopedic Society.

1. Scope of orthopedic surgery

Orthopedic surgery deals with diseases and injuries (injuries) of the human physical organs. We treat injuries to bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, spinal cords, nerve diseases, external injuries and hereditary diseases of the hand and foot such as birth defects.  It is a wide range of treatment.  For example, numbness, shoulder stiffness, frozen shoulder, jaw pain, rash, lower extremity swelling may also be seen as orthopedic diseases. Please contact us if you do not know where you should go. We will happy to introduce you to the appropriate outpatient service by looking at your individual situation.

2. Restore function of movement as much as possible (Motor function recovery)

And the treatment of orthopedic surgery is aimed not only to cure diseases and injuries, but also to recover from motor function. Even if recovery of motor function can not be obtained sufficiently, it is also a big role of orthopedic surgery to make the most of the remaining function ability and to restore that function as close to original as possible. Of course, rehabilitation treatment is necessary at this time.

We have two kinds of rehabilitation facilities, one on the 2nd floor of the main clinic and another on the 3rd floor of the rehabilitation square. We will guide you according to the your personal situation.

3.  Relieving Pain

It is a major part of orthopedic surgeons' work to treat not only disorders of motor function but also pain from diseases (Diseases commonly referred to as neuralgia · rheumatism etc)  First of all, appropriate diagnosis is necessary.  On top of that, we consult with the patient, and combine internal treatment, injection, and rehabilitation. We introduced the use of oriental medicine at our hospital. If the symptom relief is not remarkable with the above treatment, we will aim for improvement by using acupuncture and moxamma massage and Kampo treatment as well. Combined use of Western medicine and Toyo Medical, this is called integrated medical care.

4. In orthopedic surgery, we perform various treatments (conservative treatment and surgical treatment)

Orthopedic surgery is performed not only by surgery but also by conservative treatments that do not require operation.  There are various kinds of orthopedic surgery.  For example, you have the following surgery.  Surgery for the spinal cord / spine · nerve surgery · tendon surgery · bone surgery (such as osteosynthesis) joint surgery (artificial joint replacement surgery), etc., and occasionally reconnection of the cut fingers and limbs etc. are also done.  There are few patients who wish for surgery first.  First of all, at Kyomei Clinic, we will perform treatment (conservative treatment) which is not surgical operation at our hospital for a certain period of time.

In addition, if the burden on your day to day life is too much, we will recommend you to a specialist according to your situation after consultation.


Summary of Orthopedic Outpatient Services

· "Spinal Surgery" dealing with spinal and spinal cord
· "Hand surgery" dealing with upper limbs and "shoulder joint surgery"
· "Hip joint surgery", "knee joint surgery" and "foot surgery" of the lower limbs
· "Sports medicine" dealing with injuries and obstacles from sports
· "Rheumatic surgery" handling systemic joint pain such as collagen disease, rheumatism, gout
· "Bone and soft tumor surgery" dealing with tumor (abscess)
· "Bone metabolism outpatient" dealing with osteoporosis etc.
· Trauma such as trauma injuries, occupational accidents, abrasions, cuts, sprains, fractures

Orthopedic Surgery has many specialized

fields and covers a wide range of treatment.

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